Jun 26, 2022
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Chief rabbi of Safed Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu blasted America’s Left on Tuesday, calling out progressive Democrats over their abortion ideology.

In an opinion piece published on Tuesday, Rabbi Eliyahu, who is among the most respected rabbis in the religious-zionist community, criticized the Left-wing American on the backdrop of a US Supreme Court draft that dealt with the ruling in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case.

A draft of the ruling was leaked to the media last week. The document implies that the court’s majority of nine justices backed an opinion penned by Justice Samuel Alito overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, which argued that there is a constitutional right to abortion.

The case before the court revolves around a legal challenge to a Mississippi state ban on abortions after the fifteenth week of pregnancy.

Rabbi Eliyahu noted that the draft’s publication ignited scathing criticism from the Left “both abroad and in Israel.”

“Leftists abroad and in Israel are crying because ‘US Supreme Court judges nullified the right to a legal abortion,” the rabbi wrote.

Rabbi Eliyahu lamented abortion and cautioned that abortion on demand raises ethical questions about the premise of the sin of murder.

“The meaning of this is that their court nullified the legal right of a mother to murder her kids, the right of a doctor to chop up a live fetus into pieces inside a woman’s body so it could be removed piece by piece.”

“We’re not talking about a woman who requires a life-saving procedure due to a medical condition. We’re talking about instances whereby the family planned to purchase a new car or go on vacation, and suddenly the woman discovers that she’s pregnant and far into her pregnancy. The law enabled her to kill the live fetus because of these lofty values. And that is what the US Supreme Court is set to cancel.”

“It’s important to say that if there’s a legal right to murder a fetus, why shouldn’t there be a legal right for a mother to kill her child as long as the child is less than one year old? That was the status quo in Greece, Rome, and many Arab countries before Mohammed. It was legal to bury children alive, as long they were small.”

“The US Supreme Court justices are right to rule that a mother or father has no right to murder, nor does any ruler have it, period.”