Jun 30, 2022
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Rioting broke out in eastern Jerusalem and in the Old City on Monday night following the funeral of Walid al-Sharif, a Palestinian who was injured on the Temple Mount during clashes several weeks ago as he hurled rocks at police and fell during his attempt to escape arrest, according to the Israel Police.

Large police forces from the Jerusalem District and Border Police employed riot dispersal means against rioters seeking to attack them, including through the throwing of rocks, concrete blocks, other heavy objects, bottles, and the launching of fireworks, police stated.

“Violent rioting occurred throughout the funeral and at its end, including at the cemetery itself. Six police officers were lightly injured; two of them were evacuated for medical treatment,” police said in a statement.

The Red Crescent said that 37 Palestinians were injured and 10 were hospitalized.

Several cars were damaged in the rioting, and a number of passers-by in the area were attacked, added police.

Earlier, five suspects were arrested after police fired in the air when a vehicle they were traveling in drove quickly towards Border Police officers and struck a passer-by in the area.

Police said calm has been restored to the area and that 15 suspects have been arrested thus far, saying “we will continue to act with determination and an iron fist against the lawbreakers and rioters, who turned a funeral into an unconstrained demonstration of violence.”