Jun 27, 2022
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The Sea of Galilee in Israel’s north produced enormous waves not seen in years on Saturday evening.

Professional teams at the Kinneret Cities Association are currently on a tour of the union’s shores to assess last night’s storm damage to buildings and equipment. The beaches will remain closed at this stage for public safety.

Once Israel’s primary water source,  the lake now supplies approximately 10% of Israel’s drinking water needs.

The Kinneret is Israel’s largest lake and the lowest freshwater lake on Earth. The lake is fed partly by underground springs, but its primary source is the Jordan River, which flows through it from north to south. The lake’s name comes from the Bible, where it appears as the “sea of Kinneret” in Numbers 34:11 and Joshua 13:27. The name may originate from the Hebrew word kinnor (“harp” or “lyre”) because of its shape.