Sep 29, 2022
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An IDF soldier shot and wounded a Palestinian terrorist on Friday near the city of Beth El. The incident began when the terrorist attacked an Israeli vehicle with a large rock from close range, smashing the windshield. The terrorist then attempted to open the door of the car. A car traveling in the opposite direction stopped and a soldier armed with an M-16 exited, confronting the terrorist. After shouting a warning and firing warning shots, the soldier shot the terrorist in the lower body, neutralizing him. The Palestinian terrorist was seriously wounded and was evacuated to a hospital for treatment.

After being neutralized, the terrorist was found to be carrying not only a knife but also a bottle of acid.

The driver, a resident of Beit El named Yair HaKohen, told Israel National News that he was attacked as he slowed as the road turned sharply.

“As I slowed, I didn’t see him approach, and suddenly there was a loud smashing noise from the windshield, and immediately afterwards the terrorist tried to open the door, but failed and then fled.”