May 27, 2022

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Deputy head of Russia’s mission to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, charged that Britain’s Sky News cut short an interview with him once he displayed a photo with a Nazi symbol that Ukrainian president Voldomyr Zelinsky posted.

Zelensky featured the image on Monday to mark Victory Day – the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany in World War 2.

“The host’s response? He quickly wound up the talk, muttering that our time, as it turned out, was up suddenly and that Sky News could not verify this information,” Polyansky wrote on Telegram on Monday, according to RT.

“So much for the freedom of speech in the West… they don’t need the truth! From now on, they’ll think a hundred times before inviting Russian diplomats to a live show!”

During the interview, Polyansky was asked if he agreed that Russian soldiers in Ukraine were “dishonoring their grandfathers who fought the Nazis” and if what they were doing was “mirroring fascism.”

The diplomat called the accusation “blasphemous,” adding that it was “absolutely disastrous and shameless what the UK is doing right now, forgetting everything that we were fighting [for].”

Polyansky then featured a tablet showing a screenshot of a now-deleted social media post by Zelensky. On V-Day, Zelensky posted an image of a Ukrainian troop with a skull head patch worn by an elite German SS unit during World War Two.

When the host made an attempt to cut him off, Polyansky retorted: “Don’t interrupt me, sir, please.”

“Do you know that this ‘Totenkopf’ division was responsible for the murder of 100 Britons in France at the beginning of the Second World War?” Polyansky continued. “So, it means that now the UK is covering Ukrainian authorities, which display Nazi symbols during the Victory Day. And these Nazi symbols were used by the same regiments that killed British people. Isn’t that a little bit strange?”

The host then claimed that he ran out of time and abruptly cut the interview short, adding that the network could not independently verify Polyansky’s claims.