May 27, 2022

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Billionaire investors and millionaire candidates are spending their personal wealth to win competitive Republican primaries for the U.S. Senate seats in Ohio. The Buckeye State’s investment banker Mike Gibbons leads the pack of self-funders after he lent his campaign nearly $17 million. Three other wealthy candidates in Ohio’s race include Republican Chair Jane Timken, State Senator Matt Dolan, and author JD Vance has contributed a total of $14 million to their campaigns.

The influx of money pouring into the Ohio primaries highlights the importance of the Senate race. That’s because it could help determine party control of the chamber in November. And in the swing state of Ohio, the winner of the senate seat could determine the direction of the entire nation.

David approaches Goliath

Amidst all of the unprecedented funding emerges a lesser-known Jewish candidate who is among the most outspoken supporters of Israel and Judeo-Christian values as a whole.

The grandson of both a U.S. Army veteran and Holocaust survivors, Josh Mandel, a Republican and former Ohio treasurer, has announced that he is running for an open US Senate seat.

An Iraq war veteran, Mandel is the only Republican Senate candidate among his seven opponents who hasn’t given himself a personal loan.

A debt to Christians

In an exclusive interview with Israel365 News, Mandel revealed that his grandmother was hidden from the Nazis by righteous Christian gentiles during the Holocaust. “They raised her as if she was one of their own. They saved her life,” he noted.

Mandel also revealed that his grandmother’s story inspired him to “pay back the debt” to the network of Christian families that saved his grandmother and the US military, who liberated the Jews from the death camps. That’s why Mandel enlisted in the US Marines, where he served two deployments in Iraq.

“I feel very strongly about the Biblical right to the Land of Israel,” he told Israel365 New’s, Rabbi Tuly Weisz.  “The people I know, who have the most clarity on that Biblical right to the Land of Israel, are Evangelical Christians.”

Evangelical support

Although he is an outspoken Jew, the fuel for his campaign comes from local churches. Founder of Victory in Truth Ministries in Bucyrus, OH, Pastor JC Church recited a prayer on a call with Mandel asking that God give him “wisdom and discernment beyond both age and experience.”

“Bless Josh, his team and those standing abundantly for righteousness as we approach these critical elections.”

PORTSMOUTH, OH — Josh Mandel campaigns through churches with Pastor Ryan Brown at Calvary Baptist (courtesy: Instagram/Josh Mandel)

Notable victories

Mandel also recalled his leading role in fighting against pro-abortion legislation, recalling the support he received from the Evangelical community. And when Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger cut off a guest minister, Pastor B.J. VanAman of the Pickerington Baptist Temple, for saying the word ‘Jesus’ during a prayer, Mandel was there to stand up for his religious freedom. “I said, wait a second – This is insane. These are pastors. These are Christian leaders of our state coming into the people’s house, funded by taxpayers. We can’t be censoring them.”

He subsequently won the right of pastors to pray freely in the House. 


A sharp critic of public schools, Mandel also highlighted his cooperation with the Evangelical community in safeguarding Judeo-Christian values for Ohio’s children. This effort led to a school voucher program where “tax dollars follow the school” of the parent’s choice.

As many Jews in Washington tend to be Democrats on the progressive side, Mandel’s unabashed support for Israel and the Torah appears to be a breath of fresh air not only to orthodox Jews but also to devout Christians.

“I believe that the Jewish people have a Biblical right to the land of Israel,” Mandel wrote on his campaign platform.

An unconventional approach to politics

“I’m not running my campaign through Republican Party groups. I’m running my campaign through churches,” Mandel said. “My campaign here in Ohio is fueled through Christian activists and leaders.”

Mandel joined a long list of outspoken conservatives when he was banned from Twitter after creating a poll about which type of “illegals” would commit more crimes:  “Muslim Terrorists” or “Mexican Gangbangers.” Mandel is among the lone Republicans calling on Americans to resist US President Joe Biden’s covid mandates tweeting: “Do NOT comply with the tyranny.”

Fighting for Israel and the Bible

As a State Representative, he led the initiative to stop Ohio’s public pension funds from investing in companies doing business with Iran.

“Simply put, I will be willing to work with anyone who is open to advancing the cause of security and prosperity for America and Israel. And conversely, I will fiercely combat anyone who is looking to harm or undermine the important bipartisan nature of the US-Israel relationship,” Mandel wrote.

He concluded the interview by saying: “There’s only one candidate for US Senate in Ohio who is working with Christian leaders and pastors to advance the cause of religious liberty, religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and protecting that Judeo-Christian foundation of America. And it’s me, Josh Mandel.”