May 18, 2022

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Binyamin Regional Council and the Adei Ad community have inaugurated an outdoor sports facility for the children of the Gush Shiloh (Shiloh bloc) communities, donated by the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund. Gush Shiloh is located in the centrally-located Samarian region in Israel. Most of the children living there have been affected by a greatly disproportionate amount of Arab Muslim terror attacks. 

The court was provided by the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund (SICF). Headed by former Shiloh mayor and world-renowned author David Rubin, SICF specializes in providing for the needs of children who have suffered from terrorism. 

Rubin’s vast array of therapeutic, educational, and recreational projects for terror-victim children in the Binyamin region communities (roughly the southern half of Samaria) earned him the prestigious Yakir Benyamin Prize.

Outdoor sports facility for the children of the Gush Shiloh communities (photo: Josh Weinberg)

The American-born Rubin lives in Shiloh with his wife Lisa and six children. He is an educator, thought leader, author, and philanthropist. In 2001 at the height of the second intifada, David and his then three-year-old son, were wounded in a terrorist shooting attack as they were on their way home. After hospital visits and over two years of post-trauma therapy, David decided to tell his story to curious minds worldwide – revealing the truth about what’s happening in Israel via first-hand account. Rubin has written seven books, including “Trump and the Jews”, and his latest, “Confronting Radicals: What America Can Learn from Israel”.

Rubin’s flagship project is a therapeutic-educational campus, where SICF uses alternative treatments to heal emotional trauma, including animal-assisted therapy, music therapy, sports therapy, and art therapy.

Binyamin Regional Council head Israel Ganz presented the award to Rubin, saying: “David Rubin is a pioneer and a loyal man to the settlement movement who took a challenging event and turned it into a legacy, contributing greatly to the building of Israel. His tremendous donations through the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund provide relief to many children throughout the region. For this, the residents of Binyamin say a huge thank you to David.”

David founded the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund, aiming to heal the traumas of children affected by terror using alternative therapies (photo: Josh Weinberg)

“Today, the children of the Adei Ad community don’t only receive a recreational court – they’re given the relief they deserve. Together with the wonderful leadership in the community, we will continue to promote and develop the area and provide additional infrastructure to the residents,” Ganz added.

Accepting the award, David Rubin replied to the sentiments by saying: “It is my great honor to accept this Yakir Binyamin award. I am grateful for the support of my family, friends, the therapists and teachers who work with us, and, of course, our committed donors around the world. I will continue to work tirelessly on behalf of those who need our help and greatly appreciate the partnership of the Binyamin Regional Council. By working together, we can continue to do great things for the children and families of the biblical heartland and thus influence the course of history.”

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