Jun 29, 2022
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Several cities in Italy, including Rome and Bologna, will enact a digital plan this fall that rewards its citizen’s behaviors that comply with the UN 2030 Agenda.

The cities are doing this by launching an app called “Smart Citizen Wallet.” Citizens who separate their garbage for recycling, use public transportation, or behave in ways that comply with the climate change agenda will be rewarded with discounts through the app.

Some of the more worrying items on the UN 2030 agenda include increasing taxation, encouraging open border migration, and empowering the IMF to access personal financial information.

Critics of the technology warn of the potential dangers of a person’s digital identity, including surveillance and data harvesting. They fear that civilians will be divided into two separate categories: “good” citizens and “bad” ones. The good citizens enjoy special privileges; critics fear that the bad ones may inevitably become more ostracized from public life.

The Vatican, situated inside Rome, has aggressively advocated for combatting climate change.