Oct 06, 2022
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In an effort to encourage the Biblical commandment to sacrifice a Pascal lamb on Passover, the Chozrim Lahar (Return to the Temple Mount) organization is offering financial compensation for anyone who attempts to sacrifice a Pascal lamb on the Temple Mount.

Those attempting to even bring a lamb or goat as a sacrifice to the Temple Mount will likely get detained by the Israeli police with their animal confiscated. But anyone who gets arrested for making the effort will receive financial compensation of NIS 400 ($124) for getting arrested. If they get arrested with a lamb or kid, they will receive NIS 800 ($248). If they succeed in sacrificing a Pascal lamb, they will get NIS 10,000 ($3,103).

The poster advertising the cash reward (Facebook)

Sacrificing a Pascal Lamb is not a crime, but the police have detained those trying to make the sacrifice in the past. On their Facebook page, Chozrim LaHar wrote that the initiative was launched: “Despite threats from Hamas and police opposition to allowing us to sacrifice the Pascal lamb in its proper time and place,” adding that “the renewal of the Pascal sacrifice is the only response to terrorism.”