May 18, 2022

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Thousands of Ukrainian refugees have fled to Israel from the Russian invasion. Many of the Jewish refugees came to Israel. And although Israel has welcomed them with open arms, the Israeli government simply can’t provide them with the basic staples they need, including food and clothing.

That’s why the Colel Chabad organization has stepped up. They are currently providing Ukrainian refugees in Israel with food for Passover and every day following the holiday’s completion.

Colel Chabad provides each refugee with a Colel Chabad Food and Clothing Credit Card. The head of the household receives $675 per month with an additional $125 for each child.

Colel Chabad also gives a week’s worth of groceries, worth approximately $93, for families unable to shop independently. Additionally,  fresh-cooked meals and delivered to those unable to cook or who don’t have a kitchen.

But, unlike the government, Colel Chabad is funded by private donations. This means that they rely on friends of Israel like you to help them feed the needy in Israel.

Can you help feed and clothe a Ukrainian refugee in Israel?  If you can, please consider donating to Colel Chabad today.

Remember, Passover is the holiday of Freedom. Blessing Israel with the basic necessities to survive is a great way to celebrate your (financial) freedom.

Don’t let them observe this important holiday on an empty stomach.

Donate to Colel Chabad Today.