Aug 17, 2022
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The IDF’s Judea-Samaria Division will get four extra infantry battalions following several deadly terror attacks in Israel, Ynet reported.

The 4 battalions—from the Kfir,  Givati, Nahal, and Home Front Command Search and Rescue Brigades—will shorten their training and deploy to hot spots in Judea and Samaria to prevent more terror attacks in the area, according to the report.

Eight out of the last nine terror attacks were executed by Israeli residency cardholders, according to the report, while Judea and Samarai have experienced relative quiet.

These troops are risking their lives to protect Israel from its enemies. That’s why organizations like LIBI  are there to give back.

American Friends of LIBI (LIBI USA) is a volunteer organization providing Israeli soldiers with Jewish and cultural awareness, welfare support, education, social and financial assistance, recreational activities, and lone and needy soldiers’ care.

They realize that these types of services boost the morale of Israel’s warriors when they’re dodging bullets so that the Jewish people can live in their ancient homeland.

You can help Libi in their efforts with a donation. Support the IDF. Donate to LIBI today.