Sep 29, 2022
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In a blow to Israel’s covid testing policy, tens of false positives have been discovered in the antigen tests for Covid-19 used by hospitals and nursing homes, reports state-run Kan News. The report says that the faulty tests came from one of the Health Ministry’s suppliers, who was approved by the ministry. The defective tests were discovered by the Ichilov, Assuta, and Hadassah hospitals.

The false positives forced many Israelis to enter despite not even having covid. The reports fear that more than just “tens” of victims have been unjustly quarantined. One reason is that there is no recourse for those who test positive for Covid.

In response, the Health Ministry said: “It has been reported to the ministry that there were several locations of defective covid tests in one of the antigen systems. The Health Ministry opened an investigation and ordered to halt its use until the investigation is completed.”