Jun 29, 2022
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Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid on Thursday accused Russia of “violating international order,” after the Kremlin invaded Ukraine.

“Israel condemns the attack and is ready to provide humanitarian aid to the citizens of Ukraine,” Lapid tweeted. “Israel is a war-torn country. War is not the way to resolve conflicts.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized a special military operation in the region. Media reports have indicated that Russian troops have fired missiles at several Ukrainian cities and have entered the country.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry has been in contact with its diplomatic staff in Lviv, it said Thursday morning. Some 8,000 Israelis are believed to still be in Ukraine, despite repeated requests by Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett for them to leave.

The prime minister has met with top officials in the Foreign Ministry and the National Security Council, as well as other relevant officials, to discuss the matter. In the afternoon or evening, the prime minister is expected to lead a more extended discussion on the matter.

Lapid said that Israeli humanitarian workers were stationed at various border crossings to help Israelis leave Ukraine.

“We coordinated in advance with all these countries—Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Moldova—to ensure that the departure of Israelis is safe and smooth,” Lapid said. “I thank these diverse governments for their assistance and goodwill.”