Aug 17, 2022
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At an IDF General Staff conference on Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said that the military’s main mission is to seriously harm the Iranian regime and its proxies throughout the region, including Hezbollah, Hamas, as well as other terror groups that are based in the Middle East.

The Prime Minister appears to be sending an ominous message about an upcoming war against Iran that could drag their proxy terrorist militias throughout the Middle East into the battle.

The IDF is preparing for this type of scenario with its ground troops exercising drills day and night to put their life on the line for the Promised Land.

The premier organization supporting these heroes is none other than LIBI USA.

American Friends of LIBI (LIBI USA) is a volunteer organization providing Israeli soldiers with Jewish and cultural awareness, welfare support, education, social and financial assistance, recreational activities, and lone and needy soldiers’ care.

And as vital as their activities are, they operate on private donations. That’s why LIBI is now calling on all friends of Israel to donate whatever they can to help support the IDF in their endless fight for Israel’s safety.

So if you can, please donate to LIBI USA today.