Jun 27, 2022
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Hollywood actor Jon Voight, known for his leading roles in movies such as Midnight Cowboy, Runaway Train, and Anaconda has now focused his talents on the Holy Land.

In a recent interview with Hebron Jewish community spokesman Yishai Fleisher, Voight explains the reasons for his current visit to Israel: “We’re part of a little show on JLTV and it’ll be on a couple of other places that is about the land of Israel and we’re calling it ‘The land of Israel, God’s story.’

“We want to trace the beginnings of it and come here and show off people the places where these events happened and get an insight into the personalities of the patriarchs and all of the chosen people that have brought us to this time.”
Voight, a Christian, went on to explain how the Jewish people in Israel are the continuation of Abraham’s test saying: “God’s trying to reach human beings and bring them to the glory that he wants for them – to share his glory with him right. And he and he every time he made an experiment they failed. So he found this fellow Abraham and he put his faith in Abraham, tested him out and his progeny was going to be his hope. So he’s betting on the people – the chosen people to bring us all the nations be a blessing to all nations to what God told Abraham to bring us to that time when we can all come and enjoy each other and find ourselves in joy and peace and love. And the Jewish people have had their ups and downs but they’ve done it really. When you come to Israel you say – yes these extraordinary things that are happening. This is these people have come back to this land as they were as it was told they would do “