Oct 01, 2022
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The New York Department of Health is currently pushing to change New York state laws to establish quarantine camps, reports OAN. 

Chabad rabbi and anti-mandate activist Michoel Green blasted the development calling them ‘concentration camps’ posting on Facebook: “NY State “voting” on C0\/lD concentration camps tomorrow. Freedom is in free fall.”

According to the report, what many call ‘concentration camps, the New York Department of Health is attempting to bypass state legislatures in an aggressive push to set up ‘quarantine camps.’

The bill was initially introduced in 2015 to establish quarantine camps during the ebola outbreak. The bill was designed to enable government officials to take people suspected of carrying the disease to the camps. That bill has been shut down by New York’s elected officials every year. But this year is different as the DOH is adding many unprecedented rulings. At the same time, the legislature gave the state’s former governor, Mario Cuomo, emergency authorization which can now be used by the Empire State’s new governor, Kathy Hochul.

That’s because the New York DOH initiated a change in the rules, including isolation, forced quarantine, testing, and reporting on fellow citizens. The push would not just cover Covid but any contagious disease that the commissioner deems necessary.