May 27, 2022

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What do you get when an innovative online charity platform and Israel’s premier food and social service provider join forces? A great way to support an important cause with quickness and ease.

MyTzedakah is a new type of platform that helps donors organize their recurring donations to charities that align with their values. The site features many of the most popular Jewish and Israeli causes. MyTzedakah offers a solution for the younger, more tech-savvy generation that usually manages their finances online or through mobile apps.  In just one simple click, the site sends 100% of the donation straight to the user’s preferred charities.

They have also recently announced that Israeli food and social organization, Meir Panim, is now one of the platform’s featured charities.

The decision follows many years of Meir Panim’s success in various social activities – primarily feeding Israel’s impoverished. They provide this vital service with dignity and respect for the hungry through their nationwide Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchens and Meals-On-Wheels programs throughout Israel. There are various other programs that help break the cycle of poverty, such as supporting teens at risk in the Meir Panim Neighborhood Youth Centers.

Now that Meir Panim is featured on the MyTzedakah site, prospective donors can enjoy features such as automated giving, reports that show where the donated money is being spent, automated tax receipts, and incentives to encourage others to donate. 

Meir Panim’s ability to sustain Israelis that have fallen on hard times combined with MyTzedakah’s user-friendly charity platform allows us to easily do our share in breaking the cycle of poverty in Israel.