Aug 17, 2022
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In a confrontation during the current trucker protest in Ottawa whose video went viral on Wednesday, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reporter Joseph Tunney confronted one of the truckers asking how he’ll respond to a recent police statement threatening to take children out of the capital because they are in alleged ‘danger.’

The CBC is the Canadian government-backed broadcasting channel

The Canadian mounties made a veiled threat to remove children from the trucker’s cabins “for their safety.” The entire story is broken down in the report below:

When Tunney told the trucker that the police are thinking of taking his kids because Ottawa is dangerous, the unknown trucker responded saying: “So you’re telling me my teenagers are being threatened for being in Ottawa?

After pressing the question if his kids were in danger for being in Ottawa, Tunney admitted that he did not know.

The trucker then told Tunney and his crew: “You guys are the messenger of the Devil.”

He then chastised the reporter and his staff telling them: You work for the devil.”