May 27, 2022

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The Israeli military published its annual figures for 2021. The report included its targeting of Iranian entrenchment activities throughout the Middle East.

According to the data, the Israeli Defense Forces conducted tens of ‘grey zone’ operations, hitting thousands of targets “in all areas,” while utilizing thousands of munitions.

The IDF acknowledged executing “thousands of operational flights” throughout the year and launched tens of special operations too. Beyond that, no further details were provided.

Israel’s Navy executed roughly 100 operations, including “dozens of special operations,” the IDF said.

Israel’s soldiers operate day and night to keep Jerusalem and Israel as a whole safe. And there is one organization that does what it can to ensure that those IDF troops get all the things they need that the military doesn’t provide -LIBI. 

American Friends of LIBI (LIBI USA) is a volunteer organization providing Israeli soldiers with Jewish and cultural awareness, welfare support, education, social and financial assistance, recreational activities, and lone and needy soldiers’ care.

And as vital as their activities are, they operate on private donations. That’s why LIBI is now calling on all friends of Israel to donate whatever they can to help support the IDF in their endless fight for Israel’s safety.

So if you can, please donate to LIBI USA today.