May 27, 2022

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An Israeli man who was convicted for shooting to death a Bedouin car thief was spared jail time by a judge in southern Israel in November after being convicted of reckless homicide.

And although he was sentenced to nine months of community service,  Aryeh Schiff, a 71-year-old resident of the southern town of Arad’s problems didn’t end with a prison-free sentence. That’s because of the family of the thief, Muhammad al-Atrash, who broke into Schiff’s car during a botched car theft attempt in November 2020, is now suing Schiff reports Mako.

Al-Atrash’s family filed for damages on Monday demanding 4.3 million shekalim claiming “major damages that Schiff left behind including eight orphans and a widow’s pain and suffering.”

Al-Atrash’s widow, Antiser, and her eight small children are now suing him for loss of income even though he earned his income illegally as a professional thief. Al-Atrash was 36-years old at the time of his death. The widow is also suing Schiff for ‘pain and suffering.’

Her lawyer, Aaron Roza wrote in a letter to the court that the “plaintiff violated all obligations and legal norms that contradict the behavior of any normal person.”

Initially, the Municipal Court in Beer Sheva ruled that Schiff must pay 10,000 shekalim to Al-Atrash’s family, all of whom are minors. But Roza is appealing that message claiming that the ruling is no deterrent and wants a greater sum to provide the Al-Atrash family with “compensation that represents the severity of damages.”