Jan 23, 2022

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In a scene that looks like it could have been taken from the Bar Kokhba revolt, Israeli Bible scholars were compelled to study Torah outside in the blistering cold using nothing but candlelight.

The study sessions took place after the IDF confiscated generators on the Samarian hilltop of Homesh.

Homesh has been in the news recently after last month after Yehuda Dimentman, age 25, a student at the Homesh yeshivah was murdered. He leaves behind a wife and a nine-month-old son. Another student was moderately wounded and another lightly wounded, said officials.

The following week, over 15,000 protestors gathered in the pouring rain on the Samarian hilltop of Chomesh on Thursday in an effort to push the Israeli government to re-establish the site as a viable Israeli village.