Aug 18, 2022
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A Palestinian security prisoner in Israeli administrative detention for 14 months is due to end his 140-day hunger strike after Israel elected to release him, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad-affiliated Filastin Al-Youm television channel stated on Tuesday.

According to a report by Kan, which cited the channel, Hisham Abu Hawash will be released at the end of February.

Hawash, a resident of the West Bank village of Dura near Hebron, has been under arrest since October 2020, and has been hospitalized in the Assad Harofeh Medical Center in Be’er Yaakov.

“According to the defense establishment, he is affiliated with Palestinian Islamic Jihad,” the report said.

An attorney representing the suspect, Jawad Bulus, told Kan that the administrative detention “would not be extended beyond Feb. 26. I received an announcement on this from the Military Prosecution.”

Palestinian Islamic Jihad had threatened a security escalation in the event of further deterioration of Hawash’s medical condition.

Earlier, some 50 Palestinian security prisoners launched a hunger strike in solidarity with Hawash, including senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad members imprisoned in Israel.

Hawash had been previously sentenced by an Israeli military court to four and a half years in prison in 2006 for aiding other Palestinian who committed attacks on Israeli soldiers during the Second Intifada, according to a plea bargain. He had also confessed to committing a shooting attack on his own.