Jan 25, 2022

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A Waqf guard on the Temple Mount was arrested last week after he assaulted an Israeli police officer on the holy site reports Jpost.

An indictment was issued against him on Tuesday.
On December 21, Waqf guard, Louay Abu Al-Sa’ad, attempted to block Israel Policemen that were arresting another Waqf employee on the Temple Mount. He video recorded the officers during the arrest at a close range. According to the police, he was doing so in a “threatening manner,” and was yelling. The Waqf guard refused to relax his demeanor, even though he was warned that he was interfering with the officers’ arrest – a crime that can carry a heavy penalty.
On Sunday, Al-Sa’ad witnessed one of the police officers who arrested the Waqf employee while sitting by the al-Aqsa Mosque. The policeman saw al-Sa’ad staring at him and said to him “good morning.”

The Waqf guard then chased the officer yelling “don’t say to me good morning!” and started kicking and punching him.
The policeman was able to draw his baton, compelling the guard to flee into the mosque and lock the door behind him. The policeman waited patiently for backup to arrive. Thirty minutes later, the guard left the mosque and was subsequently arrested.

According to Palestinian reports, two other Waqf employees were also arrested on the site on Sunday as well.
The Jerusalem district attorney requested that al-Sa’ad’s remand be extended until the end of legal proceedings against him.