Sep 29, 2022
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In a rather shocking revelation, of the 90 alleged health experts on the Health Ministry’s official panel recommending the fourth vaccine, only 42 are medical doctors reports Mako News.

This is the Helth Ministry’s panel that has submitted their official recommendation of the fourth booster shot.

Raising even more eyebrows was the revelation that the Health Ministry, under recommendations from that same panel, approved the fourth booster before it was even tested at Sheba Hospital. Professor Gila Regev of Sheba, who is not a member of the corona panel, said that she opposes the approval of the fourth booster. Prof Dror Mevurach from the Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem concurs saying that the decision was not based on science and that if he was on the panel, he’d oppose the recommendation.

The Health Ministry told journalist Yoav Even following an inquiry that some of the members recommending the fourth booster for people aged 60 and above are doctors and some aren’t.

Many of the members of the Health Ministry’s panel members recommending Israelis take the fourth booster include veterinarians, spokespeople, clerks, attorneys, and a journalist.

In response to the expose, the Health Ministry said in a statement: “Managing a worldwide pandemic is a complicated matter. The corona panel is comprised of professional bodies who should be considered to possess a diverse range of information like statisticians, mathematicians, veterinary epidemiologists, pediatricians, and public health nurses. The merit of the decision comes from the diverse bodies that intersect and investigate each other. This is how we deliver the best decisions. The positions of the corona panel are based on phenomenons. Every position has its own potential criticism due to the unknown nature of the event.”.