Jan 25, 2022

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In 2021, nearly 200,000 subscribers to Israel365 have discovered their Hebrew name and its Biblical significance. They have each received their own personalized certificate.

Names are of utmost importance in the Jewish tradition.

Personally prepared for you or your loved one by the staff at Israel365, our Hebrew name certificates are a unique and personal gift. The names are selected after researchers delve into the meaning of one’s given name and then match it to a Hebrew name. The connection is based on equivalent meaning or Biblical character who personified the meaning of the individual’s name or based on similar phonetics.

The 10 most popular Hebrew names for men are:

1 David
2 Gavriel
3 Mordechai
4 Elimelech
5 Shlomo
6 Yochanan
7 Yaakov
8 Tzvi
9 Micha’el

10 Meir

The ten most popular Hebrew names for women are:

1 Chana
2 Devorah
3 Miriam
4 Elisheva
5 Yaffa
6 Shoshana
7 Keren
8 Sharon
9 Tohar
10 Chava

Israel365’s certificates include the Hebrew and English spelling of your Hebrew name (and its pronunciation), the Biblical significance of the Hebrew name, and a related biblical verse.

Find out your Hebrew name and its Biblical significance and receive your own personalized certificate.