May 18, 2022

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The Jerusalem District Court lifted all the police-imposed restrictions on Sunday two members of a group of Jews who disguise themselves as Arabs to gain better access to the Temple Mount reports the Jewish Press. The activists were arrested in their residences earlier this month by the Jerusalem Police after featuring in an Israeli news report that brought the public’s attention to the discriminatory policy it enforces against Jewish people on the Temple Mount.

Hozrim La’Har Chairman Refael Morris who was among those being accused was featured in the TV report prepping Temple Mount activists to impersonate Muslim worshippers and so they can camouflage themselves into Muslim prayer services on the Temple Mount

The court accepted an appeal that was filed by Honenu legal aid society attorney Nati Rom who opposed the restrictions that were imposed by the lower court on his two clients. The judge subsequently rejected the police’s request to extend their detention. The court then ordered their immediate release and the removal of all the lower court-imposed restrictions.

During the hearing, attorney Rom charged that the claim that Jews are prohibited from ascending via the gates of the Temple Mount that are intended for Muslims is false, and rather, the opposite is the case. Rom cited the 1967 Law for the Preservation of Holy Places. This precedent proves that the entrance of Jewish people into these places should not be limited.

The law reads that holy sites in Israel must be free from anything that could limit the freedom of access to the members of the religions to sites that are holy to them or on their beliefs relating to those locations.

Rom called the restrictions disproportionate and non-compliant with the law. Rom also charged that no crime of misleading a police officer was committed, nor did the police offer any evidence of any such allegations.

The police were aware of the group, who never made any attempt to conceal its activities. Several attempts by group members to pray on the Mount were disguised as Muslims have were intercepted by the police. However, a few did slip by and prayed without restrictions on theTemple Mount.

If exposed by a Muslim on the Mount, the activist said that he’d flee the scene.