Jan 25, 2022

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It’s official. Inflation has hit America and is indirectly affecting the entire world. According to the US Federal Reserve, inflation in the US has reached a 30-year high.


Most people have undertaken various ways to prepare for soaring costs. Some invest in inflation hedges such as gold, precious metals, or even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Others are stocking up on necessities like food and oil. 


But, there is a third solution that those who adhere to the teachings of the Bible may want to consider: charity. More specifically, charity to Israel.


So how can charity to Israel protect one against rising costs? Isn’t the whole idea of protecting yourself against inflation to invest and hedge?


It absolutely is. And there is no better investment than in charity to Israel. The Book of Proverbs considers giving tithe an investment no different from the stock market. However, in this case, the dividends will be returned by G-d:


He who is generous to the poor makes a loan to Hashem; He will repay him his due. 

(Proverbs 19:17)


And when that type of investment is directed towards Israel, there is a blessing that goes along with it as written in the book of Genesis:


I will bless those who bless you (Genesis 12:3)


So if you want to give a loan to G-d and get a blessing all at the same time, it may be worth considering donating to an organization that feeds Israel’s hungry. One such organization is Colel Chabad. 

Colel Chabad locates families throughout the Jewish State suffering from food insecurity. They provide these families with weekly groceries delivered right to their door with a smile. 

And as inflation in America has begun to affect Israel, the number of families in Jerusalem falling below the poverty line is increasing.


That’s why Colel Chabad needs your help.


They need to keep up with the increasing demand. And they are looking for help from friends of Israel. In other words, this can be your opportunity to not only ‘make a loan to G-d,’ but also to be blessed in the process.


Don’t let the people of Israel go hungry. Make that ‘loan’ and be blessed.

Donate to Colel Chabad today.