Aug 18, 2022
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Imani Oakley, a 31-year-old running for election to the U.S. House to represent New Jersey’s 10th Congressional District, was pleased to announce a fundraiser with Rabbi Linda Goldstein, the Chief Rabbi of Gaza. Oakley was thrilled as the rabbi shared her interest in supporting the Palestinian people.

The New York Post reported that in November, Rabbi Goldstein contacted  Maita Lockhart, Oakley’s campaign manager, offering to organize a fundraiser. 

“I would be grateful if you could provide dates/times for this week or next to connect and discuss further,” Lockhart said in a Nov 23 introductory email.

“I think it would be terrific if Ms. Oakley would in-person or virtually (over Zoom) attend a house party/fundraiser in Gaza. I can’t think of a better way to show off her #FreePalestine bona fides,” Rabbi Goldstein responded on Thanksgiving day. “There are several influential Jewish-Americans in Gaza who can provide plenty of help back in her district, including contributions and media placement.”

The fundraiser never took place because Rabbi Goldstein was a fictional character created by a “pro-Israel attorney named Michael, who declined to reveal his last name because he fears retribution”. Perhaps the most shocking aspect of the story was that neither Oakley nor Lockhart caught on to the ruse. The “Rabbi Goldstein” Twitter account claims she is “Jewish issues advisor” to Hamas boss Ismail Haniyeh. In one post, “Rabbi Goldstein” called for Hamas fighters to practice social distancing in terror tunnels. In another, she announced that she was “Excited to announce #Hamas has given me permission to build the first and only #Jewish #Ghetto in #Gaza #Palestine!. By default, wherever a #Jew lives they’re #Colonizing. Ghettos ensure Jews don’t displace #Palestinians.”

A recent post showed an obviously photoshopped image of Rabbi Goldstein’s head on Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s body posed in front of armed Hamas terrorists on a Qassam missile truck with a banner claiming, “I dissent.” The tweet said absurdly, “This #Hanukkah. I’m so proud to share a photo of me with my custom-built “Menorah of Justice For #Palestine” #FestivalOfLights #Jewish #Christmas”

Michael explained that the motive for creating the parody account was to reveal the evil intentions of the anti-Israel crowd.

“I am making fun of the five percent of Jews that hate Israel,” he said. “I created this personality that shows how reductive and absurd these people are.”

“Jews cannot live in Gaza. So the fact that people think she is the chief rabbi in Gaza or has a temple in Gaza just shows how uneducated people are about the conflict,” Michael concluded.

This was clearly the case with Oakley. Despite being a local politician, Oakley has international aspirations, stating on her website that she aspires to be on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, She has a far-left agenda, supporting the Green New Deal, universal health care, and reparations for the descendants of slaves.

Shockingly, on her website, she accused Israel of committing genocide, claiming as one of her goals to “defend the humanity, dignity, and safety of the Palestinian people”.

“[I will] fight to end all forms of state violence on the international stage by eliminating taxpayer-funded support for foreign countries —including the Israeli, Chinese, and Myanma governments — that commit genocide and other violent human rights violations.”

Michael clearly has a sense of humor. Last month, the female rabbi persona tweeted:

Honored to represent #Palestine in the #MissUniverse2021 pageant this year, but unfortunately, I will be declining because it’s hosted in #Israel.

Oakley denied being fooled.

“We didn’t get duped,” she tweeted. “We were vetting. I’m glad he’s amused & I’m deeply offended that fighting for the lives of Palestinians is corrupted by silly games like this.”

Oakley went on to make the libelous and false claim that Israel is apartheid:

“Let me be clear,” she tweeted. “No political attacks will stop me from defending the humanity and dignity of the Palestinian people, fighting against human rights abuses by the Israeli government, and demanding an end to apartheid.”

Without knowing Michael’s race, Oakley claimed to be a victim of white supremacy:

“I’m disappointed that unregulated platforms like @Twitter are doing more to suppress the fight against injustice than they are to fighting white supremacy,” she tweeted.

Oakley’s confusion is partially understandable as many of the absurd posts made by “Rabbi Goldstein reflect reality. In a tweet made on Monday, the “Rabbi” said that she would be saying kaddish (the mourner’s prayer) for a Hamas terrorist that died in a terror tunnel collapse. In May, several extreme left-wing anti-Israel Jewish groups, including Jewish Voices for Peace and If Not Now, said kaddish for Hamas terrorist skilled while firing rockets at Israel.