Mar 07, 2021

Ten Palestinian terrorists were arrested overnight in a covert operation in Nablus.

Soldiers of the IDF Samaria Brigade and elite Duvdevan Unit uncovered a hidden weapons cache that were to be used in future terrorist attacks against Israel.

Security forces confiscated an Uzi machine gun, two pistols and numerous bullet cartridges, Kalashnikov rifles, one M16, improvised weapons, ammunition and eight pipe bombs.

During the raid, security forces also confiscated funds that were set aside by the terror cell to support future attacks. Seven members of the cell were arrested during the raid.

In a separate raid, three suspected terrorists were arrested in Judea by IDF forces.

Two of the men are believed to have been involved in a terror attack in Jazalun, near Beit El. The third man is a known Hamas terrorist from Hebron.

The raids come as earlier in the day, Israeli security personnel thwarted a major terror attack at a checkpoint near Jenin.

Four Palestinians were found carrying pipe bombs on their persons after an explosion alerted security forces. Upon arrest, the men admitted that they were on their way to commit an attack against Israeli soldiers stationed at the checkpoint.

The pipe bombs were neutralized using a sapper. No injuries were reported.