Jan 25, 2022

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Two Hasidic Jewish men accidentally entered Ramallah on Wednesday and were attacked by a bloodthirsty lynch mob who beat them and threw stones at them.

The two victims are residents of the villages of Elad and Shiloh reports 0404. 

The two miraculously escaped from the assault after PA police officers helped them arrive at an IDF checkpoint. The escort took place after the IDF threatened that if the two weren’t handed over, Jerusalem would deploy massive forces into Ramallah

The victim’s vehicle was left behind and was subsequently burned to a crisp.

In miraculous fashion, the two emerged from the attack virtually unscathed with one suffering bruised ribs from a hurled rock.

An IDF spokesman said of the incident: Two Israeli civilians entered the city of Ramallah. The civilians exited while being escorted by Palestinian security forces which were coordinated by the local Israeli security forces. We emphasize that it is against the law and dangerous for Israelis in Area A. The details of the incident are being investigated.”