Jan 22, 2022

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As tensions run high between Israel and Iran, both countries are undergoing wide-scale aerial exercises, reports the Jpost.

Israel as well as seven other countries – Italy, Germany, Britain, India, France,  the United States, and Greece – are taking part in what’s being called ‘Blue Flag 2021’, the biggest and most advanced aerial exercise ever hosted by Israel.

This year’s exercises will place an  emphasis on the integration of both the 4th- and 5th-generation aircraft. This includes the F-35 in complex operational scenarios, the IDF said.

IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kokhavi inspected the exercise and was informed of its progress.

“This is an important and significant exercise, at both the strategic and tactical level,” he said, adding that “the unique cooperation with the air forces from around the world is an expression of the strategic state of the State of Israel.”

The drill will emphasize the “widening and improving the operational abilities of the nations participating,” with an emphasis on air-to-air and air-to-ground assaults. The drill also includes evading ground-to-air defense systems “and several operational scenarios in hostile territory,” the IDF said.

The two-week-long exercise which is happening in the Uvda Airbase in southern Israel marks the first time that an English fighter squadron is being deployed to Israel since the establishment of the Jewish state. 

As these brave Israeli soldiers train for a potential World War 3 scenario, there is one organization that is providing necessary support for IDF forces – LIBI.

LIBI USA strives to support Israeli soldiers by providing for their welfare through funding educational, religious, social and recreational activities not covered in the IDF’s defense budget.

The organization relies on donations from allies of Israel worldwide.

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