Jun 13, 2021


During its weekly meeting, the cabinet approved a national plan to promote gender equality in Israel by instilling gender awareness in various government ministries. To facilitate this change, it was decided to rename the Authority for the Advancement of the Status of Women. It will now be called the Authority for the Advancement of Gender Equality.

According to the authority’s website, its purpose, since its establishment in 1998, has always been to advance the status of women and equality between the sexes, and prevent violence against women.

The rebranded authority will operate in several spheres, including planning and policy; training, guidance and information; and advancing equal representation. Among its responsibilities, the authority will help set policy, promote legislation and initiate inter-ministerial projects to advance gender equality, promote a culture and language of gender which will prevent harassment, coordinate with international bodies to advance these goals, and work to eliminate discrimination and unequal representation in all fields.

These efforts will go into effect in the 2015 working plan. On International Women’s Day, ministers will present annual reports on the advancement of women in their various ministries. An inter-ministerial team will be appointed in conjunction with the Prime Minister’s Office socio-economic staff to formulate a five-year action plan.

Authority Director Vered Swid is continuing in her position. In a press release from the Prime MInister’s Office, she said, “The Government has done much in this field and it is possible to see the results. This is an additional achievement in the gender revolution. The decision that was approved today will allow us to continue advancing gender equality in both the intermediate and long terms.”

“Thus we will be able to implement the UN decision on integrating women in decision-making and instilling gender equality in all aspects of life and on representing women from various population groups in the public and private sectors. In the future, training on instilling gender awareness will be given to ministry director generals, agency heads and senior division managers in government ministries.”