Nov 29, 2021

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Over a thousand people crowded into the Mount Herzl military cemetery to escort Staff Sergeant Almog Shiloni to his final resting place. Shiloni was murdered on Monday in Tel Aviv in a terror attack.

Shiloni was buried with full military honors, and was promoted one rank posthumously.

His twin brother Sahar gave a eulogy, saying “They told me to prepare a few words, but I said no, you [Almog] will tell me what to say…for us it’s hard. Just help us from Above, strengthen us. I had one heart, and now I have half of a broken one. I love you, my brother.”

His friends all spoke of his deep desire to help others, and how he put everyone before himself. Shiloni was deemed unfit for combat duty due to his poor eyesight, but pushed his way into a role guarding Air Force bases and planes so that he can shoulder his share in serving his country.