Sep 20, 2021

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Violence perpetrated by Arabs intensified across the country for a third day on Sunday, following the shooting of Kheir a-Din Hamdan, a Kfar Kan resident who allegedly attacked police officers with the intent to kill. Angry Arab mobs across the country continue to attack cars with stones, firebombs, and other harmful means.

Attempted Lynch near Taibe
A man, whose name has been withheld, was surrounded by local Arabs while driving his car near Taibe bridge. He was pulled from his car by a throng of Arabs who then proceeded to light his car on fire. After sustaining light injuries the man was rescued from the throng by local Arabs passing by and promptly taken to the police. He was treated for his injuries on site and released requiring no further treatment.

NRG reported that an eyewitness saw a group of masked youngsters surround the car, pelt it with stones and forcibly remove the driver,before torching it. The eyewitness said that the Arab youth would have done more harm to the Israeli driver save for the intervention of the group of passing Arabs. The Police then arrived on the scene, but according to the eye-witness, all of the assailants had already fled.

The victim who was interviewed on Army Radio said; “I am alive and that is excellent. I was returning from work and on the way I entered the area of the riot. They stopped me… started throwing rocks at me and setting the car on fire.” The driver said during the interview that; “it is really on the level of a miracle that I got out with only a few scratches”

The Sharon Police Department said that they have opened an investigation. As of Monday however, they have not taken any suspects into custody.

Attack near Ma’aleh Shomeron
On the road between the town of Ma’aleh Shomeron and the outlying neighbourhood of El- Matan, a group of Arab assailants attacked a mother of five who was driving home. They threw rocks and molotov cocktails at her car, smashing the rear window.

The driver Ruth Shapira, said in an interview with Channel 2 news following the attack, that; “what really bothers me about the whole incident, is that the assailants who attempted to kill me will not have to pay the price, because in Israel, attempted murder with stones or molotov cocktails is considered a joke.”

Rock Attack on the Jerusalem Highway
Two other incidents occurred on Sunday on a highway west of Jerusalem near the Hemed interchange. Rocks were thrown at bus number 439 travelling from Jerusalem to Rehovot. The rocks were thrown outside of the normally peaceful Arab town of Abu Gosh causing damage to the windshield of the bus. No injuries were reported.

An Israeli car is seen after being attacked with stones . (Photo: Kobi Gideon/Flash90)

Bomb Found on Road Outside Beit El
A bomb was found on a side road which connects the Jewish towns of Beit-El and Psagot, by the IDF while conducting a Brigade Drill in the area. The road was closed for approximately one hour while the bomb crews worked to neutralize the explosive.

Violence in Jerusalem Intensifies
In the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Shu’a’fat, a 16 year old Arab teenager was arrested for rock throwing after he threw rocks causing damage to the Jerusalem Light Rail. In the community of Beit Hanina, Arab rioters threw rocks at two Israeli cars lightly injuring one passenger, and shattering windows of the Jerusalem light rail.

At the Neve Yaakov Junction, paramedics rushed to the aid of a man who sustained a head injury after his car was pelted by stones by nearby Arab rioters.

In the neighbourhood of A-Tur teenagers threw firebombs at police officers.

Arson in the North
Near the Northern Arab towns of Ilut and Turan, brush fires were put out and firefighters suspect arson as the cause.

Suspects Arrested for Rock Throwing
In the Arab city of Uhm El Fahm four people were arrested for throwing rocks at cars driving on Highway 65.

The continual escalating violence in Israel is spreading from Jerusalem to the rest of the country. Strategic Affairs Ministry Director-General, Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser has placed the blame squarely on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for the current round of riots and violence. “Abbas is most culpable for this narrative,” he said “because he is contributing to it by commending killed terrorists, while implicitly stating that ‘this is what you are expected to do.’”