Oct 25, 2021

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A car rammed into a group of pedestrians in Jerusalem on Wednesday afternoon in a terror attack.

Initial reports from the scene are that at least five people were injured, at least three of them seriously. The attack occurred near Zaks Square.

The terrorist,  who is reported to be associated with Hamas, drove his vehicle into commuters waiting at two separate Light Rail locations. After crashing into the stations, the terrorist began to attack nearby people with a metal crowbar.

He was shot and killed by nearby security forces after hitting eight people.

Police reported that the vehicle swerved into the light rail station on the corner of Bar-Lev and Shimon Hatzadik Streets.

Updates to follow.

UPDATE 1:17 pm: Hamas praises the attack, saying that the terrorist was defending Al Aqsa.

UPDATE 1:26 pm: One person is confirmed dead, two remain in critical condition.

UPDATE 1:33 pm: The terrorist has been identified as Ibrahim al-Akari from Shufat. He is the brother of a terrorist released in the Gilad Shalit prisoner deal.

UPDATE 1:55 pm: Economy Minister Naftali Bennett blames the attack on Mahmoud Abbas for inciting terror against Israel.

UPDATE 3:30 pm: To read an updated version of this story, click here.

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