Nov 28, 2021

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In Israel, very few people have pools in their backyards. This means that when a family goes to a swimming pool, it’s always a real treat. But for one Israeli woman named Osnat, that treat was nothing short of torture.

After taking her kids to a pool in northern Israel, Osnat suddenly became the victim of every mother’s worst nightmare.

Her youngest daughter Yael drowned after having a seizure in the water. Without anyone even realizing it, Yael spent minutes underwater, causing her heart to stop beating and her lungs to stop breathing altogether.

After discovering her lifeless body, Yael was rushed to the hospital and placed into a medically induced coma. And although the medical staff managed to bring her back to life, the accident would prove to change her life forever. That’s because the hospital staff said that Yael would likely never walk or have control over her body ever again.

And just like that, this normal 14-year-old girl became completely paralyzed with zero control over her movemments and no ability to communicate…all in a matter of hours.

This also meant that as her mother, Osnat had to quit her job just to be by her side in the hospital. There was a brief silver lining when the medical staff at Yael’s hospital transferred her to a rehabilitation clinic. But that hope was soon shattered after the clinic deemed her a lost cause.

So the hospital has no space for her. The rehab clinic doesn’t want her. And now, Yael is just days away from her release to her home without the medical equipment she needs just to carry on.

And since Osnat was forced to quit her job, she can not afford the medical devices that her daughter requires.

That’s why Osnat is now seeking contributions from generous friends of Israel worldwide. She needs to raise $10,000 (NIS 31,000) to get Yael’s emergency medical equipment. To date, she has reached 62% of her goal.