Nov 28, 2021

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2,200 IDF soldiers and commanding officers registered on Wednesday in an initiative to retrace the steps of the Maccabees reports 0404. The event was hosted by the Jewish Heritage and Identity branch of the IDF.

The tours are taking place in heritage sites throughout Israel including the Golan Heights, Tel Yodafat, Gush Etzion, and the Benjamin region. The central event will take place in Modiin, where the original Hasmonean revolt took place. Soldiers from a wide array of branches of the IDF will join. The servicemen are learning the stories of the Maccabees in those times and how to incorporate them into the values of the IDF including their decisive victory and how it can be implemented on today’s battlefield.

On its first day, over 2,200 soldiers from across the IDF have signed up for the tours which will take place on the week-long holiday of Channukah and before it as well.