May 16, 2022

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In a major scandal that is appalling to the nation of Israel, the new chief warden of Gilboa Prison revealed that before he was hired, female soldiers in their compulsory service were prostituted to terrorist inmates to please their sexual needs.

The bombshell admission came about during an investigation into the recent prison break from the Gilboa Prison back in September. The newly appointed deputy chief warden Freddie Ben Sheetrit said on Wednesday that he felt like he was being scapegoated for the infamous escape.

Ben Sheetrit then confirmed a report back in June that IDF female soldiers were being used as prostitutes for the terrorist inmates.

“They pimped out IDF female soldiers who served in prisons to provide the terrorists with their sexual needs” he said.

MK Galit Distal said that she is privy to a first-hand account from a whistleblower who is of Ethiopian descent. According to Distal, the prison’s administration threatened to send her and her family back to Ethiopia if she continued revealing the truth about the affair.

In response, MK Itamar Ben Gvir said “to imagine that in the State of Israel they pimped out female soldiers to satisfy evil terrorists is simply disturbing.” He then called to hold an emergency government hearing to investigate this “disgusting crime.”