Feb 26, 2021

Islamic State has done what al-Qaeda failed to do. It has made it clear that the Muslim world is engaged in a self-massacre, with absolutely no connection to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Tzipi Livni is a realistic politician. She represents the right and appropriate combination of a national and Zionist approach with an approach pursuing a peace agreement. She has been trying with all her might to prevent the bi-national state disaster. She has no illusions and she is not one of those ignorant supporters of a solution which includes a general clearance sale.

This calls for a full disclosure: She offered me a secure place on her party’s Knesset list. I turned down the offer, but not because I oppose her way.

Last Friday, in an interview to Nahum Barnea, she said things which should be heard. But then came the surprise: “Anyone who claims that the ISIS problem can be solved without a real effort to resolve the Palestinian problem is throwing sand in your eyes.”

I read it and couldn’t believe my eyes. Is this the politician I regard so much? John Kerry said something of the kind, and tried to explain that it wasn’t he who said it, but that it was what Arab states’ leaders had told him. Now it turns out that Livni herself is uttering this nonsense. What the hell is wrong with her?

That’s sad, because all the important and true and justified things Livni has to say are seen in a completely different manner after this statement. Does she really believe that there is a link between the Islamic State’s growth, or the Islamic State’s success, or the Islamic State’s development and the conflict taking place here? Is she serious?

Hasn’t she heard that branches of the cancerous jihad have been nesting in Somalia, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan and in Nigeria for a long time now? Hasn’t she heard about the huge capital which has reached jihad organizations from Saudi Arabia and Qatar? Hasn’t she heard about the hundreds of thousands of people, mostly innocent, who have died in the war waged mainly by the United States and Britain in Afghanistan and in Pakistan?

So it’s Israel’s fault? What else is Israel’s fault? Perhaps global warming too?

The emergence of the ISIS organization has led to first signs of a change in the free world’s media in regards to the Middle East. If up until a few months ago violence in the Middle East was automatically linked to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ISIS has done what al-Qaeda failed to do. It has made it clear that Israel is out of the picture. It made it clear that the Muslim world is engaged in self-massacre, sometimes at the level of genocide, with absolutely no connection to Israel.

Why the absolute majority of ISIS victims are Muslims. This was also true before – when millions were massacred in the Muslim world, with absolutely no connection to Israel. The difference is that the massacre in Darfur, Sudan, for example, took place far away from the cameras. ISIS takes pride in its mass slaughter and goes to trouble to spread the photos.

The new reality has also caused US President Barack Obama to issue quite a revolutionary statement in his last address to the United Nations General Assembly, when he clarified that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was not the main source of problems in the Middle East.

And now, when ISIS is going to the trouble of clarifying that it has nothing to do with Israel, when most ISIS volunteers are not from the Palestinian Authority territories, but actually from Tunisia and Chechnya, Livni of all people comes along and says that the solution to the ISIS problem is through Israel.

Livni should be reminded of one more thing. The terror – of ISIS, of Hamas, of Boko Haram, of the Taliban – is not aimed at promoting anything. Definitely not any agreement. It’s just terror for the sake of intimidation in order to impose the dark Islam. An Israeli-Palestinian agreement is an important issue, but it won’t calm the jihad extensions, as they have no interest in peace.

Israel has managed to break its link to jihad. The world has begun to understand. The penny has dropped for Obama. But Livni insists. This is not the way to promote Livni’s justified agenda. This is the exact way of turning it into an imaginary agenda.

Reprinted with author’s permission from Ynet