27 Oct, 2020

Wednesday evening, a man drove his car intentionally into a group of commuters at the north-bound Ammunition Hill light-rail stop in Jerusalem.

The attacker fled the scene on foot after ramming his car at top speed into the people waiting for the train, killing a three-month-old baby and injuring 8 others, including the baby’s parents. Police on the scene shot the attacker and later died of his wounds.

He was later identified to be a member of Hamas and a former prisoner in Israeli jails.

In a different attack that occurred only hours earlier in Ottawa, Canada, a masked gunman, who has been identified as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau a recent convert to radical Islam and a known criminal, shot and killed a uniformed soldier on duty at the Canadian War Memorial near Parliament Hill.

After shooting the soldier, Zehaf-Bibeau then ran towards Parliament Hill, hopped a fence and entered the Central Block of Parliament. He was shot and killed by a police officer.

Media outlets in the Western and Arab world had the following headlines for the incident in Canada:

Canada media 1

Canada media 2

Canada media 3

Canada media 4

Canada media 5

When it came to the terror attacks in Jerusalem, international media outlets had the following breaking news headlines about the event in Israel:

anti israel media bias

The Al Arabiya news report was the most even handed of the bunch but still put the focus on the wrong ‘victim’.

These headlines beg an obvious question: If the Sergeant who shot the terrorist in Canada is a hero, how come the police in Israel are not given the same credit? Both saved lives by stopping Islamic terrorists who intended harm towards innocent people.

In both instances, the terrorists were using religion as justification to harm those they deemed the enemy. In both instances, the terrorists were shot after they had committed the initial attacks.

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So why the change in tone? Why in Israel are the police blamed for shooting a man, while in Canada, they are heroes for doing the exact same thing?

This idea of blaming the real victim and claiming that the assailant is the victim not only reeks of yellow journalism and severe media bias against Israel, but it dives head first into the dangerous waters of blatant racism.

Yahoo later changed the headline appearing on their site to read: “Palestinian kills baby at Jerusalem station”, and their about-face speaks volumes.

With rampant radical Islam on the rise and ISIS openly calling for Islamic followers to attack citizens in Western countries around the world, even countries as peaceful as Canada have come under numerous attacks by these extremists.

In spite of 14 years of false imagery, the tricks of yellow journalism and partial facts being used by Western and Arab media sources to vilify Israel have not gotten old.  Not only have many Western media outlets portray Israel as a public laughing stock by ridiculing Israel over and over again, but they have sunk so low that some of the Arab media sources have become more even handed than Western ones.