Oct 23, 2021

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Sara Netanyahu, after hearing about a letter sent last week from IDF soldiers who are living in poverty to her husband Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, raised over NIS 300,000 to go towards helping the soldiers purchase food and other items for the holidays.

In honor of the donation, Netanyahu participated in a “New Year’s Toast” at the offices of the LIBI Fund, the official fund of the IDF.

During the toast, Netanyahu delivered vouchers worth NIS 300,000 to the offices. She had gathered the money for needy and lone soldiers who had served in Operation Protective Edge.

“I was unable to stay passive in the face of the letter sent by hungry soldiers, I felt that I needed to do something,” said Israel’s First Lady. Keren Hayesod donated NIS 250,000 and supermarket chain Shufersol donated the remaining NIS 50,000. “This allowed us to distribute vouchers for the holidays to those needy and lone soldiers who most need it,” she said.


According to Netanyahu, “I heard about the letter, and I thought to myself that there is now way that this can be allowed to happen in Israel. After such a harsh and terrible conflict, in which the soldiers risked their lives for all of us, we cannot allow our soldiers to get to the point where they do not have what to eat during the holidays. In my opinion this situation is simply unacceptable.”

“We have here a new generation of youth who in this war demonstrated their strength and bravery. I hope that now thousands of soldiers will have a little bit more happiness over their holidays, because, we the citizens, owe our soldiers.”

Ma’ariv reported that Netanyahu had originally intended to give NIS 1,000 to 300 soldiers in need. The army, however, asked that the money be spread to more soldiers in need, and have therefore made the amount dispensed to each soldier NIS 250, slightly less than the average monthly salary of a soldier.

A spokesman from the LIBI Fund told Breaking Israel News, “It is very inspiring to see someone like Sara Netanyahu take such a proactive step in helping IDF soldiers in need. Unfortunately, there are many soldiers who cannot even afford to put food on the table for the upcoming holidays and the LIBI Fund is doing all it can to help Israel’s defenders.”