26 Oct, 2020

Rockets fired from Lebanon into northern Israel exploded near Kiryat Shmona Monday night after more than 130 rockets were fired into southern Israel over the course of the day.

Residents in the north reported hearing three loud explosions. The IDF confirmed that one rocket fell near the town while two others fell in open areas near the border with Lebanon.

The army responded to the rocket fire by firing on positions in Lebanon Monday night. Lebanese media reported that over 18 shells were fired into southern Lebanon near the location where the rockets were fired.

A correspondent belonging to the Lebanese news channel Al Mayadeen tweeted a video allegedly showing Monday night’s rockets being launched from Lebanon into northern Israel.

Rockets from southern Lebanon

Monday evening’s rocket attack is the third time in which Israel has been fired upon by terrorists in Lebanon. On Saturday, a rocket launched from southern Lebanon exploded in an open area in the Upper Galilee. On Sunday, Israel came under rocket fire from Lebanon yet again following five rockets that hit the Golan Heights from Syria.

Israel Radio reported that the IDF is deploying troops of the Golani Infantry Brigade to the northern border amidst the sporadic rocket fire from the north.

There has been no immediate reaction from UNIFIL, the United Nations peacekeeping force that oversees the border between Israel and Lebanon.


While Israel’s northern border is on high alert, rocket fire from Gaza continues Tuesday as more than 130 rockets and mortars were fired into Israel on Sunday. Sixteen rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system. Four of the rockets managed to land direct hits.

In one barrage on southern Israel, over 16 rockets and mortars hit the Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council in under 10 minutes. In the evening, Hamas fired an M75 rockets towards central Israel.

Red Alert air raid sirens sounded across Be’er Sheva, Ashkelon, Ashdod and Gaza border communities continually throughout the day.

In response to the rocket fire, the Israeli Air Force struck some 70 terror targets in Gaza overnight. Israeli war planes struck weapons storage and manufacturing sites, rocket launchers, and terrorists preparing to carry out attacks.

A targeted strike in Gaza on Monday afternoon neutralized three terrorists belonging to the Army of Islam who were responsible for rocket fire and terror attack on Israel.

“Terrorists from the Army of Islam were traveling in the car,” the Shin Bet said in a statement. “They were planning a terror attack in the near future.”