Nov 28, 2021

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Following the terrorist murder of Eliyahu Kay on Sunday, Knesset member Itamar Ben Gvir (Jewish Power) asked all parliamentarians present in the Knesset hall to stand in a moment of silence to commemorate the young victim.

All obliged except for Arab Knesset Member Mansour Abbas (Raam).

“I think that now, we here in the hall should honor the memory of Eliyahu David, may God avenge his blood, and stand for a moment of silence to commemorate a Jew that was murdered by a monster” Ben Gvir said as he stared down Abbas who was serving as the speaker of the Knesset.

After the moment of silence, Ben Gvir turns again to Abbas saying: “I would have expected that someone who is sitting as the Knesset speaker would stand to commemorate a Jew who was murdered.”

Ben Gvir then asked Abbas why he didn’t stand despite his party’s statement mourning the loss on “both sides.”

Abbas refused to answer his request.

Eli Kay was a South African Citizen from Johannesburg that made Aliyah to Israel a few years ago. He served as a Paratrooper in the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) as a Lone Soldier. He was brutally gunned down with an automatic machine gun in the Old City of Jerusalem as he was on his way to the Western Wall to Pray the Morning Prayers as a Religious Jew by a Hamas “Palestinian” Terrorist Fadi Abu Shkhayolam.

In response to the attack, Israel365 reported Abbas’ party Raam’s response. The Arab party responded, publishing a response to the attack in Hebrew but refraining from publishing any response in the Arab-language media:

“For decades, Ra’am has opposed and condemned and acted to prevent harm to innocent people on both sides and will continue to do so especially when it comes to innocent civilians. Ra’am has always called for the sanctity of life, and to avoid any kind of violence, and to strive to live together in peace, security, partnership, and tolerance, as set out in RAAM’s vision.