Jun 25, 2022
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An ancient shekel made from pure silver 2,000 years ago was discovered in Jerusalem by an 11-year old girl. Liel Crotocop from the central city of Petah Tikva discovered the artifact that was used for commerce during the second Temple period reports 0404.

The coin weighs 14 grams. One side of the coin features the inscription: “Shekel Israel” next to a grail that features the letters ‘Shin and ‘Bet.’ This symbolizes the second year of the Great Revolt of the Jewish people against the Romans (66-70 CE).On the flip side features what appears to be the headquarters of the high priest with the words “Jerusalem the Holy.”

Dr. Robert Kol, the head of the coin division at the Israel Antiquities Authority said: “We’re talking about a rare find, that among many thousands of coins that have been discovered to this day in archaeological digs, only about 30 of them are made from silver from the era of the Great Revolt.”

11 year-old Liel Crotocop, who discovered the ancient coin (Yaniv Berman, City of David, IAA)

The coin was discovered while sifting through the rubble collected from the area of the Temple Mount and then transported to the City of David’s National Park. According to archaeologist Ari Levi, head of digging for the IAA, “on this road, that connects the Siloam Pool to the south of the City of David with the Temple Mount to the North is Jerusalem’s main road during the second Temple period, thousands of pilgrims walked on this road to the Holt Temple. There is no doubt that expansive commercial transactions took place. Therefore, we found many weights and bronze coins that were found here. But to find a silver coin from the Great Revolt is definitely emotional.”

Dr. Kol believes that the silver that the coin was made of came from the vast future reserves in the Temple and that it was minted in the Temple Mount area by the High Priests. They cooperated with the leaders of the Great Revolt and helped them. “We’re talking about a very high-quality silver. Where else would it be possible to find silver in such quantities and quality in the same time period? Only in the Temple. ”

“We can say with caution that this coin is apparently one of the only artifacts that we have today who came directly from the Temple.”