Nov 29, 2021

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Following a deadly terror stabbing attack in Jerusalem on Sunday, another terror stabbing attack took place shortly thereafter. This time in Yafo.

An 18-year old terrorist from Jenin approached a couple on Bat Yam street in the central city of Yafo and stabbed a 67-year old man, injuring him moderately, and then fled the scene. A large number of police forces arrived on the scene and immediately began searching for the suspect. Aerial searches were also dispatched. The terrorist was apprehended a short time later in a building adjacent to the scene of the attack.

MDA paramedic Aharon Fink told 0404: “We saw a 67-year old man sitting on the sidewalk curb fully conscious, he was suffering from stab wounds throughout his body. We applied life-saving first aid to stop the bleeding as well as medication and evacuated him to the emergency room where his status is moderate and stable.”