Dec 08, 2021

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Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahane (Yemina) said in an interview on Saturday evening with the state-run Kann News that Jews should be allowed to pray on the Temple Mount

“The Temple Mount is the holiest place for the Jewish nation,” he said. Regarding a recent meeting he had with the promoting Jewish pilgrimage to the Temple Mount, Kahane added: “It was a pleasure for me to meet with the organizations that are handling the pilgrimage to the Mount. I think Jews should be allowed to pray there.”

Minister of Religious Affairs Matan Kahana speaks during a Conference of the ‘Besheva’ group in Jerusalem, on August 1, 2021. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Usually run by ultra-orthodox Knesset Members, Kahane isn’t the first ‘religious zionist’ to head the Religious Affairs Ministry, but he is the first one to openly support the right of Jewish prayer on the holy site.

Last week, Israel365 reported on another unprecedented event that took place on the Temple Mount when the ‘Rabbis of the Temple Mount’ gathered for talks on Tuesday on the site to discuss the implementation of Torah law on the site.