Dec 08, 2021

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The city of Huwara is an Arab village in Samaria that many Jewish-Israeli motorists pass through.

The Arab residents, who are known for their hostile antisemitism and terrorism, have vandalized their city with swastikas. In a daring operation, local Jewish Israelis from the Yeshiva ‘Tomchei Temimim’ (Supporters of the innocent) in the Samarian settlement of Yitzhar, painted over the swastikas in the middle of the Arab village in broad daylight.

The yeshiva is run by Itzik Sandroy.

Nazi symbolism is nothing new to the ‘Palestinians.’ Last month, Israel365 News reported on a Nazi flag featuring a swastika that was raised over the Arab village of Bet Umar near Hebron.

In response to the eye-sore, the IDF’s Kfir Brigade called on their sharp-shooter to shoot it down, which he did with pinpoint accuracy.