Dec 08, 2021

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In an unexpected move, Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister said on Friday that Israel “contributed to regional stability and the path toward peace” reports Israel Hayom.

Saudi FM Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud made the statement while discussing the possibility of his country normalizing ties with Israel. The comment was made just one day following his meeting with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Washington DC.

Al Saud also said, “I believe that the focus now needs to be on getting the Palestinians and the Israelis back to the negotiating table. In the end, the only thing that can deliver lasting peace and lasting stability is an agreement between the Palestinians and the Israelis,” which added would involve the establishment of a Palestinian state with sovereignty, dignity, “and Jerusalem as its capital.”

Regarding Riyahd’s relationship with Iran, the top diplomat said that not much progress had been made during recent bilateral talks, but added that the Kingdom was “committed to” dialogue.

He added that Iran’s accelerated nuclear activity was “very troubling.”

“I think we are entering a very dangerous stage in the program.”

In September, Israel365 News reported that the Biden administration ordered the military to remove its most advanced missile defense systems from Saudi Arabia.