Sep 26, 2022
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A blogger whose father was a Palestinian terrorist that converted to Christianity wrote a detailed report outlining what he claims are preparations by Turkey to create a pan-Islamic military to carry out an anti-Christian/anti-Jewish genocide in order to bring about the Mahdi, the Islamic Messianic era. 

SADAT: Erdogan’s paramilitary organization to bring Mahdi

Blogger, Walid Shoebat, posted a report on Saturday titled “Turkey’s Paramilitary Organization That Wants To Exterminate Christians”. The article described how, in coordination with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan,  former Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) brigadier general, Adnan Tanrıverdi, has established an organization called SADAT (International Defense Consultancy) for the purpose of bringing about the Mahdi (the Muslim messianic era) by carrying out a genocide of Christians.

former Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) brigadier general, Adnan Tanrıverdi (screenshot)

Islam has a strong tradition of Mahdi, a redeemer of Islam who will come as a ruler. The arrival of Mahdi will coincide with the arrival of the Christian messiah, who will be the Mahdi’s assistant in fighting the Masih ad-Dajjal, the false messiah, or anti-Christ.  According to the tradition, the Mahdi will reappear along with Jesus, who will declare himself a Muslim, and kill Christians who refuse to convert.

Mahdi is also seen as a time when everyone will convert to Islam. In the Hadith, quotes from Umm Salama, one of Muhammad’s wives, states that when the Mahdi arrives, non-Muslims will all convert. According to Shia Islam, the Mahdi will be preceded by an era in which two-thirds of the world’s population will die – one-third by plague and one-third by war. 

Shoebat’s article details the activities of Tanriverdi and his organization. Tanrıverdi was retired from the Turkish army in 1992 and pursued a career as an entrepreneur. He founded SADAT in 2012 as a private security contractor headquartered in Istanbul. He was appointed as Erdogan’s chief military advisor after the attempted coup of 2016 but stepped down in early 2020 after claiming that his organization’s mission was to “prepare the ground for the coming of the Mahdi”.

In his blog post, Shoebat unpacks how the Mahdi mission is to be accomplished:

“By preparing the world for the Mahdi, it is speaking of mass killing,” Shoebat wrote. “The Muslims believe that their messiah will come in the midst of utter chaos and conflict. Thus, these Turkish fighters want to partake in war and kill the enemy in the belief that it will in usher in the end times. It is thus a part of an apocalyptic death cult, and like all such groups, they believe that by shedding blood they will commence the end times. Turkey is in a conflict with Armenia, and already that the Christian nation of the South Caucasus was the victim of Azeri Turkish viciousness; in the future, the storm of blood rage will not abate but only worsen. In the nationalism of the Turk, innocent blood will be spilt, and in the apocalyptic vision of Turkish imperialism, a torrent of blood will ensue.”

Shoebat describes Sadat as being much more than a security contractor:

“The goal of this mercenary organization is to help transform the Islamic world into a singular military superpower that would be self-sufficient and strong enough to be ranked with the other global superpowers,” Shoebat claims, citing the organization’s website which  states ominously that it “aims at establishing the cooperation among the Islamic countries in the sense of military and defense industries, in order to assist the Islamic world to take the rank it deserves among the super global powers as a self-sufficient power”

Indeed, some sources claim to document how SADAT is actively training Islamist elements who adhere to an Islamic ideology in Syria and other locations in the Middle East. These locations include Somalia and Qatar, where Turkey has established military training centers and formed cooperative partnerships with the host countries’ governments.

SADAT also supports other Islamist extremist organizations. Shoebat writes that one of SADAT’s board of directors, Ali Coşar (a retired colonel) praised the Taliban as “members of a resistance movement that fought against colonial America for 20 years to take over the government and establish a state that practices Sharia.” 

In this respect, SADAT is carrying out Erdogan’s agenda who has expressed support for the Taliban by saying, “Turkey has nothing against the Taliban’s ideology, and since we aren’t in conflict with the Taliban’s beliefs, I believe we can better discuss and agree with them on issues.” 

This is disturbing as Turkey is a NATO member and thus should be an ally of the US. which just left Afghanistan after fighting a 20-year war to wrest control of the country from the terrorist organization.

Shoebat claims that Erdogan’s goal is to establishTurkey as the head of a “pan-Islamic force that it would lead against its enemy. It would thus be a new rise of Turkish power, with the full strength of the Islamic world against Turkey’s foes.”

Turkey’s past and future genocides

Perhaps the historical precedent is the most disturbing aspect of Shoebat’s claim. The Ottoman Empire carried out a genocide, murdering an estimated one million Armenian Christians during World War I. The genocide included mass executions, death marches leading to the Syrian Desert, and the forced Islamization of Armenian women and children.

Shoebat claimed that Erdogan’s agenda would continue this. He also detailed that SADAT employs several prominent psychologists in order to further psychological warfare, one aspect of which was to lie about the horrifying activities carried out by the government.

“What this implies is that while enacting a policy of advancing terror, the goal should also be to lie to the world about what your government is doing,” Shoebat wrote. “In other words, while you shed blood and instill fear, you should make it out to the world that you are doing something good for humanity. Its like the Ottoman Empire murdering a million Armenians only for the modern-day Republic of Turkey to deny that it ever happened. It’s like Turkey backing Azerbaijan’s conquest of Nagorno-Karabakh and Azeri soldiers murdering innocent civilians, only for Turkey and Azerbaijan to never even seriously acknowledge that such evils have taken place.”

Nevzat Tarhan, one such psychologist employed by SADAT, wrote that an essential tactic is the “importance of an ideology of martyrdom and instilling it into the soldiers in order to form a unit of warriors willing to die for the state.” Another tactic described by Tarhan is “to increase the sense of obedience in society.”

Not coincidentally, Tarniverdi is also the head of the “Turkish Strategic Research Center of the Association of Justice Defenders (ASSAM)”. ASSAM went on to establish the Islamic Union Congress, which Shoebat described as an attempt to establish an Islamic version of the European Union.

ASSAM has advocated for Turkey to ally with the Taliban in occupying Afghanistan now that the US is no longer in the country supporting the government.

Another explicitly stated goal of ASSAM is the extermination of global Jewry. 

Prophecy describing Turkey’s plans

As a Christian, Shoebat cites references in the Bible for Turkey’s insidious agenda. He claims that the Biblical references to “ships from Chittim” (Numbers 24:24, Daniel 11:30) are actually referring to invading forces from Turkey.

“Jeremiah also speaks of “Minni Ararat Ashkenaz” (Turkey and its Islamic allies nearby) who invades Ashur (Iraq) then swings by to Arabia and Israel where other prophecies by Ezekiel speaks of God Who destroys the armies of Gog, save the remnants from the Israel of God and destroy Arabia and Eber (Hebrew Israel),” Shoebat wrote.

Shoebat is ) is a Palestinian American speaker, author, and critic of Islam. He was born in Bethlehem to an American mother and converted to Christianity from Islam. Shoebat has claimed to be an ex-PLO terrorist in a CNN television interview but claims to have become and a strong supporter of the State of Israel. Shoebat is the founder of the Walid Shoebat Foundation, an organization that claims to “fight for the Jewish people”.Shoebat has said that he believes “in a Greater Israel that includes Judea and Samaria, and by this I mean a Jewish state”. He regards the Gaza Strip as Jewish by right and believes Israel should retake the territory saying, “If a Jew has no right to Gaza, then he has no right to Jaffa or Haifa either.”[ He advocates that Israel deport anyone who denies its right to exist, “even if they were born there”. Shoebat argues that parallels exist between radical Islam and Nazism. He says, “Secular dogma like Nazism is less dangerous than Islamofascism that we see today … because Islamofascism has a religious twist to it; it says ‘God the Almighty ordered you to do this’ … It is trying to grow itself in fifty-five Muslim states. So potentially, you could have a success rate of several Nazi Germanys, if these people get their way.