May 16, 2022

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Netflix launched a new category of Palestinian movies.

Netflix’s new ‘Palestinian’ collection, entitled “Palestinian Stories”, is comprised of 32 movies that are either directed by Palestinians or propagate Palestinian narratives reports Yahoo.

“The diversification of our content sits close to my heart as Netflix works to become the home of Arabic cinema,” said Nuha El Tayeb, a spokesperson for Netflix.

Most of the movies are based in Judea-Samaria and the Gaza Strip.

Netflix made the recently added collection of Palestinian movies available to all customers, the streaming service said.

Huda al-Imam, an actress in the Oscar-nominated film “Ave Maria”, which is also in Netflix’s ‘Palestinian’ category, said it would broaden the reach of Palestinian stories.

“Thanks to Netflix, now Palestinian stories and Palestinian life with its beauty and agony will be shown all around the world,” al Imam said.